Homemade Egg Rolls

Saturday, February 27, 2010

FREEZES WELL AND MAKES A LOT!  Better than any bought egg roll!

Prep time:  20-30 min.                             Cook time:  10-15 min

     -  Egg roll wrappers (usually found in produce section)
     -  Cole slaw mix
     -  Cooking oil
     -  1/2 c. water
     -  Rotisserie chicken, deboned & shredded
     -  Soy sauce
     -  1 tsp. ginger
     -  Optional sauces for dipping:  Hot Mustard, Soy, and Sweet & Sour

1)  Preheat deep fryer or heat about 1" oil in large skillet (have shield cover, as oil can pop during cooking.
2)  Debone Rotisserie chicken and set asie in bowl.  Heat 1 Tbl. oil in medium skillet and cook down Cole Slaw mix 5-10 minutes over medium-high heat (steam with cover). 
3)  While cole slaw is cooking, set out the following:  open pack of egg roll wraps, 1/2 c. water in cup and spoon.  Put wrappers in front of you, so that they look like a diamond.
4)  Once cole slaw cooked down, toss in meat, soy sauce and ginger.  Mix well.   Put spoonful at top peak of diamond (wrapper).  Fold that corner over and roll down, tucking in sides as you go.  When you finish rolling, you should have the bottom corner left.  Dab your fingers in the water to moisten, moisten that corner and fold on top (water will make it stay closed).
5)  Deep dry in oil until golden brown on each side (~3-5 min per set).  Set aside each skillet full on plate lined with multiple paper towels, so that grease is drained off.
6)  Can freeze for 2-3 weeks.  Serve with favorite rice.  Enjoy!

How to Roll an Egg Roll:

Step 1:  Place on diagonal and fill with large spoonful of ingredients.

Step 2:  Roll top corner over mix.
Step 3:  Keep rolling, tucking in sides as you roll
Step 4:  Roll until only small tab left over.  Dab piece with a little bit of water.
Step 5:  Fold dampened corner over and voila!  Deep fry batches of egg rolls in skillet of oil or deep fryer for 3-4 min.


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